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[announce] No January Aclug Meeting

[announce] No January Aclug Meeting

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To: <announce@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [announce] No January Aclug Meeting
From: "Dale W Hodge" <dwh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 22:59:39 -0600
Reply-to: announce@xxxxxxxxx

Sorry folks, it looks like there will be no January Aclug meeting. It seems our
system for coming up with presentations is still very broken.  Hopefully we can
fix this before the February meeting.

Please send any suggestions for topics to presentations@xxxxxxxxx. Better yet,
consider joining the presentation mailing list.


Dale W Hodge - dwh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Director - info@xxxxxxxxx
Air Capital Linux User's Group  (ACLUG)

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