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[announce] Free Linux Install: Saturday March 31: Noon - 4pm

[announce] Free Linux Install: Saturday March 31: Noon - 4pm

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To: <announce@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [announce] Free Linux Install: Saturday March 31: Noon - 4pm
From: "Info" <info@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 00:21:27 -0600
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             Air Capital Linux Users Group of Wichita Ks

Free Linux Installation: Saturday March 31, 2001: Noon - 4PM

Are you curious about Linux?

Do you want the world's most popular free operating system for yourself?

Do you want to see a viable alternative to Windows 2000?

Great! ACLUG's Free Installation and Demo is just for you!

On Saturday the 31st from Noon to 4pm, experienced ACLUG people will be
available to install Linux on your computer for you -- for  free! And if you
like what you see, we will also  have Linux CDs for sale - $5 per CD - so
that you can have the entire system on CD if you want to install additional
software or reinstall.

We are planning to have the following distributions available for installation
or you may purchase for $5 per Disk:

  * Red Hat

  * Mandrake

  * Debian - Two Disk Set (Three disk set also available)

If you are interested in having ACLUG intall Linux for you, we ask that
you please fill out the registration form at so we can determine how much
space to reserve.

The cut off time for installation is 4:00PM.  Please allow approximately 2
hours for installation. (Laptops may require More)


What to bring to the Installation

Bring the following items along:

  * Your computer itself

  * Mouse and keyboard

  * Your monitor

  * Power Cords and Cables for connecting the monitor

  * Documentation that came with your computer.

  * Any special setup utilities that may have come with your computer

  * For Laptops, any PCMCIA Cards you may want use with Linux

Specifically, we need to know the following information:

  * Amount of RAM (main memory) in your computer

  * Amount of hard disk space, and type of hard disk

  * Type of sound card, if any.

  * Any other components installed

  * Horizontal and vertical refresh rates of your monitor.

Don't worry if you don't have all of this; we can figure most of it out
ourselves. The horizontal and vertical refresh rates are the hardest to detect;
it is very helpful if you bring along your monitor's documentation if you have

  * Please BACKUP YOUR DATA!  Aclug is not responsible for the unlikely
    event of lost data!

If you have any questions, or don't have some of the above things, don't
worry! We can probably get Linux installed for you anyway; the above materials
just make it easier. E-mail us at info@xxxxxxxxx if you have any questions.

What NOT to bring

We'll have equipment on hand; you don't need to bring along the following
things unless you really, really want to <grin>

  * Printer

  * Power strips

  * Any other external components


Your computer should meet these minimum requirements:

  * A 486 or greater Processor - A Pentium is highly reccomended for anything
     but a minimal text based install.

  * At *least* 8 megs of RAM - Anything but a text based install will require
     16M or more.  Mandrake requires 32M+ to install.

  * 500 meg hard disk space free - *MINIMUM*; 1 gig or more reccommended.
     You should have this much space free *BEFORE* arriving. If you want us
     to partition your Windows drive, YOU MUST DEFRAG BEFORE ARRIVING!

  * A CD-ROM drive for installation. We provide the CD; you can purchase your
     own if you want -  this is not required but is highly reccomended.

  * For the graphical interface, you should have at least a VGA monitor.

  If you want us to set up your system in dual-boot mode (where you can
  choose either Linux or DOS/Win95 at startup), you must have at least DOS 6.0
  or Windows 95.

If you don't know if your computer meets these requirements, and you bought it
sometime within the past few years, it is probably OK.


We will have the Free Linux Installation event in Jabara Hall on the main east
campus of Wichita State University. Check
for driving instructions. We will be on the second floor of Jabara Hall, room


    Dale W Hodge - Newsletter Editor  info@xxxxxxxxx

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