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[announce] Aclug Meeting: August 28: Demo of Debian 2.2

[announce] Aclug Meeting: August 28: Demo of Debian 2.2

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Subject: [announce] Aclug Meeting: August 28: Demo of Debian 2.2
From: "Info" <info@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 12:22:29 -0500
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             Air Capital Linux Users Group of Wichita, KS

Event Summary

 * Monday, Aug 28, 2000 - Demo of Debian 2.2
 * Saturday, Sept 9, 2000 - Linux Demo @ Saturday Sale
 * Monday, Sept 11, 2000 - Star Office Demo (Tentative)
 * Monday, Sept 25, 2000 - IPMasq/IPChains - IPTables/2.4 Kernel (Tentative)

Contact:  info@xxxxxxxxx

Location: 7:00/7:30 PM in 260 Jabara Hall at Wichita State (details below)
          This event is free and open to the public.  Please forward this
          message to anyone you feel may be interested in attending.

In This Bulletin

 * Aclug Meeting Details

 * Saturday Sale Details

 * Other Business:

 * Meeting schedule

 * Upcoming events
 * When to arrive: Meeting format
 * How to find us: Location information and links to maps

 * Contacts, Background information on ACLUG, and miscellaneous

Aclug Meeting: Monday, Aug 28 - Debian 2.2 Demo

This meeting will Demo the new Debian 2.2 Distribution.  CD's will be available
for purchase ($10 for 2 disk set)  at the meeting.  Please send a message to
info@xxxxxxxxx if you want us to reserve you a set.

From the Release announcement:

The Debian Project is pleased to announce the latest release of the Debian
GNU/Linux Operating System. This release has been in development for
approximately 18 months, and has been extensively tested by several thousand
end-users and developers.

With the addition of the PowerPC and ARM architectures, Debian GNU/Linux now
supports a total of six architectures -- more than any other distribution.
Packages for all architectures are built from the same source packages. Debian
GNU/Linux now runs on iMacs and Netwinders, and of course Intel PC's, Sun
SPARCs, Alphas, and older Macintosh and Amiga hardware are still supported.

Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 features a more streamlined and polished installation,
including automatic network setup via DHCP, a simplified software selection
process (just indicate the tasks your Debian GNU/Linux system will be used for),
and a simplified configurator for the X Window System.

Some other highlights of Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 from the nearly 800 updated
packages include:

C Library   2.1.3
XFree86     3.3.6
GCC         2.95.2
GnuPG       1.0.1
Perl        5.005.03
Python      1.5.2
PAM         0.72
ncurses     5.0
teTeX       1.0.6
Emacs       20.7
XEmacs      21.1.10
GNOME       1.0.56

1200 new software packages have been added to Debian GNU/Linux 2.2. Some of the
newly available software include:

postfix     A new secure mail transport agent
openssh     A free implementation of the secure shell
openldap    LDAP client and server packages
w3m         A new text-mode browser, with support for tables
gdm         The GNOME display manager
cvsup       An efficient mirroring system for CVS
everybuddy  An all-in-one messaging client
reportbug   A tool to report problems in Debian GNU/Linux
zope        A web application server for dynamic web sites
xmms        The X Multimedia System; an audio player
kaffe       A free, JIT-capable, virtual machine for Java bytecode
gnapster    An interface to the popular MP3 sharing service

And last, but not least, 56 new games.

Linux Demo @ Saturday Sale: Saturday, Sept 9, 9AM - 3PM

The ACLUG Staff is continuing to Demo Linux at the Saturday Sale, which is held
on the second Saturday of each month. We will be educating people on why they
should consider Linux as an alternative to Windows 9x and Windows 2000. As
always, we will have copies of various distributions available for $5 per CD.

Please consider dropping by and lending your support at the Demo.

Aclug Meeting: Monday, Sept 11 - Star Office Demo

This meeting is tentatively scheduled to cover the Star Office Productivity
Suite. Further detail in the next announcement.

James Galimi will be tonight's speaker.

Aclug Meeting: Monday, Sept 25 - IPMasq - IPChains - IPTables - 2.4 Kernel

This meeting is tentatively scheduled to cover setting up IPMasqurading, along
with the changes neccessary to suport the forthcoming 2.4 kernel.

Other Business

If you have suggestions for a future Workshop, or a topic for a future meeting,
please feel free to send your suggestions to info@xxxxxxxxx

Meeting Schedule

Pursuant to decisions made on August 16, 1999, ACLUG meetings will be  scheduled
as follows:

 * Every other Monday at 7:00/7:30 PM

Meetings are typically held in 260 Jabara Hall on the campus of Wichita State
University.  A sign will be posted outside Room 260 in the event that we need to
meet elsewhere.  Details on the event schedule and upcoming events can be found
at; maps can be found at

Future Aclug Events

Please send suggestions for future topics to info@xxxxxxxxx or mention them at
the meeting.  Consider this the ACLUG suggestion box! :-)

 +++ We need meeting topics and volunteer speakers for the meetings.+++

Meeting Format Reminder

One issue that has been somewhat troublesome is making presentations interesting
and useful for people with a wide range of Linux experiences.  We want our
meetings to be useful for as many people as possible, so our plan is this: For
those of you that are starting out with Linux, or just interested in what Linux
can do, please feel free to join us at 7:00 PM on each meeting date. (every
other Monday)  We'll cover some basics about the evening's topic or Linux in
general, or  have an informal Q&A time, depending on what the people present
prefer. Also,  if you have any Linux questions (beginning or advanced), we'd
like to get to them between 7 and 7:30 so that the evening doesn't get too late
for those that have to work or go to class in the morning.

Starting at 7:30, we will cover old and new business, and make announcements of
upcoming ACLUG events.

Our regular presentation will begin after the announcements, at approximately
7:45. Of course, if you can make it at 7, you're encouraged to stay for the
whole program.  You are welcome to arrive at either 7 or 7:30.

Location and Maps

We will hold the this event in the Computer Science Department in Jabara Hall on
the main east campus of Wichita State University. ACLUG has assembled some
driving instructions on the Web at  We will usually
be located on the second floor of Jabara Hall.  We expect to be in room 260, but
we'll be sure to post signs if we need to relocate elsewhere.  You'll be able to
find a sign on the wall in front of the 2nd floor elevator when you arrive. Room
260 is almost directly in front of you as you exit the second-floor elevator.


For more information

Further details will be posted to the aclug-announce mailing list; you can
subscribe for free at

About the Air Capital Linux Users Group

ACLUG was created in early 1998 as a group to help people discover better ways
to take advantage of modern computing through the use of Linux.  All ACLUG
events are free; we have hosted many free Linux installation events, during
which Linux was installed on dozens of computers for no charge.  We would like
to show the benefits of Unix operating systems such as Linux to as many people
as possible.  ACLUG members range from people just starting out with computers
and Linux to those that have written parts of the Linux system or are doing
computer research under the Linux platform.

About Linux
Linux is a modern, fully 32- and 64-bit operating system that runs on a wide
variety of hardware.  Its most popular use is on PC-style hardware, where Linux
can completely replace Windows 95, Windows 98, NT, or Windows 2000.  Linux
sports astounding reliability, power, flexibility, scalability, and networking.
Linux is the most popular OS for Internet servers, beating NT.  Linux also works
on less-expensive computers than NT/Windows 2000.

Linux is developed by a worldwide team of programmers: individuals, companies,
and universities using the Internet.  All source code is available, allowing
peer review -- which is important for an operating system.

ACLUG would like to show you the benefits of Linux for home and business use.
Feel free to attend one of our meetings or ask questions about Linux at
help@xxxxxxxxx.  You may also examine the archives of previous discussions on
our discussion lists at or join
the list; instructions for doing so are at
Announcements for upcoming ACLUG meetings and events will always be sent first
to the aclug-announce mailing lists.

      Dale W Hodge  - Secretary & Website Maintainer -  info@xxxxxxxxx
      Visit the Aclug Companion at

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