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[announce] ACLUG Mailing List Reorganization

[announce] ACLUG Mailing List Reorganization

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To: announce@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [announce] ACLUG Mailing List Reorganization
From: John Goerzen (ACLUG) <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 08 Feb 2000 21:39:12 -0600
Reply-to: announce@xxxxxxxxx

Hello ACLUG members,

The ACLUG committee has requested that I reconfigure the ACLUG mailing
lists, and I have completed this reconfiguration this evening.
Mailing lists have changed names.

All subscribe/unsubscribe requests for ACLUG lists should now be sent
to listar@xxxxxxxxx.  Also, you may currently access the online
subscription mechanism at:

A permenant URL for this will follow in a few days.

Here are the names:

OLD NAME                             NEW NAME
--------                             --------
aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx                 ACLUG-L is split into two lists:
                                     If you were subscribed to
                                     ACLUG-L, you'll be automatically
                                     subscribed to both of these.

aclug-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx          announce@xxxxxxxxx

aclug-committee@xxxxxxxxxxxx         committee@xxxxxxxxx

n/a                                  perl-discuss@xxxxxxxxx
                                     New list for Perl discussion

n/a                                  perl-class@xxxxxxxxx
                                     New list for Perl class

n/a                                  jobs@xxxxxxxxx
                                     New list for posting of
                                     Linux-related job openings.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.  Along with this
change, I have also upgraded the mailing list server and switched to a
different mail server.  Please alert me to any difficulties.

John Goerzen
Postmaster, Complete.Org & Aclug.Org


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