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ACLUG news

ACLUG news

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To: aclug-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: ACLUG news
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 31 Mar 1999 06:43:56 -0600
Reply-to: aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx


I have several things to mention today.

First, just a reminder, our next meeting is Monday, April 5.  If you
missed the announcement, you can find details at

Now then, on to other matters.  SSC is selling some Powered By Linux
squares, but only in lots of 50, so ACLUG is going to buy a bunch and
let everybody purchase in smaller increments.  The Powered By Linux
squares are self-adhesive, 1" square metal-backed items with a
transparent plastic cover.  They are designed to replace a
manufacturer's logo that you often find on your computer case, or to
be the logo if there's not one there as may often be the case if you
build your own computer.  You can find a rough photo at -- but keep in mind that the
gray parts are actually showing the metal on the back, and due to how
it's made, the shading appears to change color as you look at it from
different angles.

The price on these is expected to be about 50 cents each and will not
exceed 55 cents each.  If you are interested, e-mail me with how many
you would like.  I will bring along a sample to Monday's meeting and
also see if anyone there would like to reserve some, so let's say that 
the deadline to let me know is the 5th.

Many people have already e-mailed me after the discussion in ACLUG-L;
if you have, you should have received a confirmation from me by now.
If you didn't, please re-send your request.

-- John Goerzen

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