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ACLUG Free Linux Installation

ACLUG Free Linux Installation

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To: aclug-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: ACLUG Free Linux Installation
From: John Goerzen ACLUG <aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 19 Feb 1999 17:26:39 -0600
Reply-to: aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx

         --== Air Capital Linux Users Group of Wichita, KS ==--

Saturday, February 27, 1999         
Contact: John Goerzen <aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Location: Noon till 5 PM in 260 Jabara Hall at Wichita State (details below)
          This event is free and open to the public.  Please forward this
          message to anyone you feel may be interested in attending.


 * ACLUG Free Linux Installation
 * What to bring
 * What NOT to bring
 * Requirements
 * Future ACLUG meetings
 * Location information and links to maps
 * Contacts, Background information on ACLUG, and miscellaneous

ACLUG Free Linux Installation

So, you want the world's most popular free operating system for
yourself? Great! Just bring your computer to ACLUG and experienced
ACLUG people will install Linux on your computer for you -- for free!
And if you like what you see, we will also have Linux CDs for sale
($15 or less) so that you can have the entire system on CD if you want
to install additional software or reinstall.

ACLUG people will do as much as possible to install and configure the
system to your liking.  We'll also be available for questions about
Linux, and will explain the install pocess to you.

Directions, details, and the like are available at this event's

Please read that material.

Please plan to stay at least two hours after you arrive.  Also, we
would appreciate it if you arrive earlier rather than later.  If you
arrive at 5, expect to be done by 7.  We will not start the
installation process on any computers after 5 PM.

Note: Please register if you plan to come so we can have an estimate
of how much space to reserve.  Registration is no-cost and
no-obligation; it is a courtesy to us for planning.  The URL for
registration is:

At this time, we are soliciting volunteers to help install that day.
If you have Linux experience and would like to help make this event a
success, please e-mail jgoerzen+volunteers@xxxxxxxxxxxx.  Thanks!

What to Bring

Bring the following items along:

   * Your computer itself
   * Mouse and keyboard
   * Your monitor, if you would like us to install the graphical interface
     for Linux (reccommended)
   * Cables for connecting the monitor, if necessary
   * Documentation that came with your computer. Specifically, we need to
     know the following information:
        + Amount of RAM (main memory) in your computer
        + Amount of hard disk space, and type of hard disk
        + Type of sound card, if any.
        + Any other components installed
        + Horizontal and vertical refresh rates of your monitor.

Don't worry if you don't have all of this; we can figure most of it out
ourselves. The horizontal and vertical refresh rates are the hardest to
detect; it is very helpful if you bring along your monitor's documentation
if you have it.

NOTE: Please back up your data before arriving. While ACLUG will take steps
to insure the safety of your data, installing an OS can destroy existing
data in some cases. We will try to set it up so that your existing OS, if
any, can still be booted but you may need to reinstall the existing OS in
some cases if you wish to dual boot into it.

If you have any questions, or don't have some of the above things, don't
worry! We can probably get Linux installed for you anyway; the above
materials just make it easier. E-mail us at aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx if you have
any questions.

What NOT to bring

We'll have equipment on hand; you don't need to bring along the following
things unless you really, really want to <grin>

   * Printer
   * Power strips
   * Any other external components


Your computer should meet these minimum requirements:

   * 250 meg hard disk space free minimum; 1 gig reccommended. You should
     have this much space free BEFORE arriving.
   * If you want us to set up your system in dual-boot mode (where you can
     choose either Linux or DOS/Win95 at startup), you must have at least
     DOS 6.0 or Windows 95. NOTE: If you have Windows 95 OSR2 or Windows 98
     with FAT32, you MUST backup important data before arriving. You can
     dual-boot into those systems, but we cannot preserve your original data
     in most cases and you'll simply have to reinstall Windows.
   * You should have at least 8 megs of RAM.
   * You'll need a CD-ROM drive for installation (we provide the CD; you can
     purchase your own if you want, but this is not required)
   * For the graphical interface, you should have at least a VGA monitor.

If you don't know if your computer meets these requirements, and you bought
it sometime within the past few years, it is probably OK.


 * Monday, March 1


We will hold the this event in the Computer Science Department in
Jabara Hall on the main east campus of Wichita State University.
ACLUG has assembled some driving instructions on the Web at  We will be located on the second floor of
Jabara Hall.  We expect to be in room 260, but we'll be sure to post
signs if we need to relocate elsewhere.  You'll be able to find a sign
on the wall in front of the 2nd floor elevator when you arrive.


For more information

You can write to aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx.  Further details will be posted
to the aclug-announce mailing list; you can subscribe for free at

About the Air Capital Linux Users Group

ACLUG was created in early 1998 as a group to help people discover
better ways to take advantage of modern computing through the use of
Linux.  All ACLUG events are free; we have hosted two free Linux
installation events, during which Linux was installed on dozens of
computers for no charge.  We would like to show the benefits of Unix
operating systems such as Linux to as many people as possible.  ACLUG
members range from people just starting out with computers and Linux
to those that have written parts of the Linux system or are doing
computer research under the Linux platform.

About Linux
Linux is a modern, fully 32- and 64-bit operating system that runs on
a wide variety of hardware.  Its most popular use is on PC-style
hardware, where Linux can completely replace Windows 95, Windows 98,
or NT.  Linux sports astounding reliability, power, flexibility,
scalibility, and networking.  Linux is the most popular OS for
Internet servers, beating NT.  Linux also works on less-expensive
computers than NT.

Linux is developed by a worldwide team of programmers: individuals,
companies, and universities using the Internet.  All source code is
available, allowing peer review -- which is important for an operating 

ACLUG would like to show you the benefits of Linux for home and
business use.  Feel free to attend one of our meetings or ask
questions about Linux at aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx.  You may also examine the
archives of previous discussions on our discussion lists at or join the list;
instructions for doing so are at
Announcements for upcoming ACLUG meetings and events will always be sent
first to the aclug-announce mailing lists.

This is the Air Capital Linux Users Group announcements list. Subscribe and
unsubscribe instructions, as well as mailing list archives, are on the Web at  If you have a question about
the list or want to submit an item for announcement, send it to

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